Roof Cleaning

Pressure washing your roof can add to longevity of your roof Restore the original beauty of your roof.


Roof cleaning from Beav's makes your roof look like brand new. Remove algea and dirt from your roof 


Clean your gutters while washing your roof. Power washing your gutters can extend thier life


 We clean the inside of gutters with every roof cleaning.  It only makes sense, we're already up there!

What makes up roof stains?

Roof Stains are actually huge colonies of Algae, Lichen, Moss, mildew and mold, typically over 1 million algae cells. The algae colony is so large that it becomes visible from the ground. When the roof algae colony starts growing there are not enough algae to be seen from the ground. But between 15 and 24 months the colony becomes large enough to be seen from the ground, The streaks and discoloration is an accumulation of the algae's dead, dark-colored cells. While this roof stain can grow just about anywhere in the continental U.S.A., it prefers humid environments. and we call it a roof stain.

When you clean your roof, you are removing the algae colony and all of the built up roof algae thus restoring your roof to a 'clean' condition. it will also help keep power bills lower as a clean roof reflects the sun's rays and keeps the underside of roof cooler. But shortly after you clean, the wind and animals can spread the algae back onto your roof, where it will once again start to grow. until the colony once again becomes large.

Roofs are often overlooked as an area that needs to be cleaned and maintained. Roof cleaning is essential when ensuring the upkeep of your home. All roofs need to be cleaned on an annual basis. Left uncleaned and untreated, what grows and accumulates can damage your roof. Pressure washing is usually the best method,

To properly maintain the health and beauty of your home, residential exterior cleaning is recommended once a year. After all, for many people, a family home is the single biggest investment they’ll ever make – so why not protect it!

Another thing to consider if you are having your roof cleaned is that this would be the perfect time to start at the top and work your way down! Have the exterior of your home cleaned at the same time including the Gutters, house, back patio, driveway, Walkways , Screen Enclosure and Complete the picture with window cleaning. Your home will be sparkling top to bottom.

Beav's Window Washing - Landscape Division


Beav's Window Cleaning is now offering Lawn Service

If you are in the Lake Worth, Lantana, Palm Springs, Green Acres, and Hypoluxo Beav's Window Cleaning is now offering a complete Exterior Maintenance Service Window Cleaning - Pressure Cleaning - Lawn Maintenance -Tree Removal, Lawn Service, Maintenance , Cleanup and Trash Removal.

Beav's Window Washing - Landscape Division