Services offered by Beav's Window Cleaning

We offer monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plans or we’ll schedule cleanings to fit your individual needs.

Window Cleaning

Specializing in residential and estate homes Barns & Stables, window cleaning in difficult-to-access spaces needs an experienced hand. Our window cleaning is hands on, using window cleaning mops and squeegees. All exterior and interior frames and window sills are wiped to remove dirt/dust/cobwebs. Screens are removed and cleaned, edges dried and replaced. Inspection of the areas is conducted and areas in need of repair are reported to the owner.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning a roof in West Palm BeachPressure Cleaing driveways in South FloridaPressure cleaning is an efficient and effective way of removing mold, mildew, dirt and stains that form in our locale on roofs, driveways and exteriors. This process cleans your home's exterior, roof, patio/pool area and driveways, protecting your investment and taking years off the look of your home.  Read more..

Roof Cleaning

Clean your roof with Beav's Window CleaningRemove algae and dirt with Beav's Window Cleaning 

When you clean your roof, you are removing the algae colony and all of the built up roof algae thus restoring your roof to a 'clean' condition. it will also help keep power bills lower as a clean roof reflects the sun's rays and keeps the underside of roof cooler. But shortly after you clean, the wind and animals can spread the algae back onto your roof, where it will once again start to grow. until the colony once again becomes large. Read more....

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning south FloridaClean gutters last longerThe collection of leaves, twigs and bugs in your gutters can be unsanitary and destructive to your property. The pile-up of debris can weigh down your gutters and make a perfect habitat for bugs, mold, termites and mosquitoes.  The constant moisture can harm the exterior of your roof and soffits of your home. Beav's Window Cleaning will clean them out and keep the water flowing down the spouts instead of leaking along the way.  Clean gutters will help you preserve the function of the gutters and reduce pests.  More...


Beav's Window Cleaning caulks windows and doorsBeavs Window Cleaning caulks windows right.When we are cleaning your windows and gutters, we also look for potential leak areas that can be repaired by caulking.  The look of the window area is improved and the integrity of the seals is improved, blocking water, moisture and insects.

Screen Enclosure Cleaning

Beav's Window Cleaning cleans screenhouses too.Are you noticing a lot of pollen, dirt, mold and algae on the pool screen enclosure, which is ending up on Your tables and chairs. Also, the deck looks dirty, dingy and much older than it is.

Pool cages create a screened in enclosure around your swimming pool to help keep bugs, animals and children out, and keep your pool looking pristine. Moisture from the pool and the environment can take its toll on the cage, however, especially when algae and mold start growing on the aluminum frame.

Screened porches can accumulate dirt, mold and algae that can create an eyesore and can be harmful to your paint and your health.

  Your outdoor living area should be a place you enjoy to the fullest! The last thing you want is to see ugly green streaks of mold overhead. Don't let a dirty screen enclosure take away from your relaxing moments ...more...

Barns & Stables

An important part of good stable management is doing an annual disinfection of your barn. Good disease management should be practiced all year round, but this annual event is extremely important.

It is very beneficial to have the inside and outside of your  barn pressure cleaned at least once yearly so that there is less dust and cobwebs and this makes the air better to breath for the horses and helps to prevent coughing and allergies. ensuring that horses and trainers have a healthy Environment around them. it is best done after the winter equestrian festival's are over for a good spring cleaning. and when most horses have left for the summer. we also work well around horses with faculties that have horses year round.  read more...

Beav's Window Washing - Landscape Division


Beav's Window Cleaning is now offering Lawn Service

If you are in the Lake Worth, Lantana, Palm Springs, Green Acres, and Hypoluxo Beav's Window Cleaning is now offering a complete Exterior Maintenance Service Window Cleaning - Pressure Cleaning - Lawn Maintenance -Tree Removal, Lawn Service, Maintenance , Cleanup and Trash Removal.

Beav's Window Washing - Landscape Division