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If you are in need of hot tub removal in Palm Beach County Our hot tub removal specialists are ready to help.

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Why Choose Beav's  For Hot Tub, Spa, Jacuzzi or Above Ground Pool Removal

What do you do with your old broken down hot tub that is taking up valuable space Beav's crews are trained to remove all types of spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and will quickly have it out of your yard. We have a wide variety of tricks and tools to make the job quick and easy while at the same time reducing the amount of yard damage due to the removal. The Beav's team can also remove the deck or landscaping surrounding the hot tub, or a patio that it may be sitting on. at  the same time we can remove other unwanted items as well.

Spa Removal Palm BeachHot Tub Removal Palm Beach County

The cost for removal for your hot tub, spa or above ground pool depends on the size, condition, manufacturer and how difficult it will be to remove. Call Beav for a no-obligation on-site quote. Our full-service includes the crew, truck, labor and disposal. There are never any hidden fees when using Beav's.

Spa RemovalSpa Removal

Tip:  The cost of removing the unit is less if the job is easier. As a homeowner, if do all you can to prepare it for removal, it can make the hot tub removal go smoother and save you a few bucks too!

Disconnect the power and plumbing

Drain the water and let it dry

Clear a path for the hot tub to be removed. This includes anything  that may be an obstacle. If you have a fence that is in the way, it may be less costly to have a section of that fence removed for a time (if possible) so that you have a clear path.

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