Paddock Fences

Cleaning Paddock Fences

Have you taken a good look at your Paddocks lately?  Chances are the fences have attracted mold, mildew, fungus, and other organic material. 

Paddock Fences need cleaning.  Let Beav's clean your paddock fence for you. Paddock Fences attract mold, mildew, fungus and other organic material 


Not only does this give your vinyl  fence that blackish green color, it can eat away at your wood fence and cause it to rot.

Beav's can clean the toughest fences.Power washing paddock fences


Instead of letting your fence deteriorate, extend its life and have it looking like new by having it professionally cleaned by Beav's Window cleaning.

Beav's Window cleaning - professional window cleaning can clean your paddock fences, too.Cleaning paddock fences can add life to your fencing   


Today many people have switched from traditional wood fences and have made the move to vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing has the ability to last for many more years than wood fencing. Some of the best characteristics of vinyl is its durability and low maintenance.

Vinyl Fencing is durable and cleans nicelyWe clean fences, too! 

For those who do have vinyl fencing, you know that from year to year you can have a buildup of dirt, moss and grime. This can take away from the beauty of your fence
Mildew can grow on paddock fences, especially in South Florida.Keep your paddocks lookin gbeautiful with Beav's Window Cleaning

When left alone, mold, mildew, fungus, and other organic material will continue to grow and colonize on your  fence

Wash your Vinyl FencingPaddock fence leaning - Beav's Window cleaning - servicing South Florida
Washing your vinyl fence every few years should be part of your overall exterior maintenance plan. These fences are very low maintenance and do not need painting, however, they do need to be cleaned periodically to maintain a positive appearance
Beautify and protect your fencing with Beav's

Wood Fences

When left alone, mold, mildew, fungus, and other organic material will continue to grow and colonize on your wood fence, even on wood that has been stained, sealed, and treated. Fungus in particular, is unable to manufacture it’s  own food, so it eats the wood cells instead.  As it eats away at the wood, the stability of the wood is compromised, causing it to crack, split, and eventually rot and deteriorate.  However, if the organic material is removed from the wood, your fence has a better chance of lasting for years longer than expected.

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