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Cleaning and Disinfecting your barn and Stables

An important part of good stable management is doing an annual disinfection of your barn. Good disease management should be practiced all year round, but this annual event is extremely important.

It is very beneficial to have the inside and outside of your  barn pressure cleaned at least once yearly so that there is less dust and cobwebs and this makes the air better to breath for the horses and helps to prevent coughing and allergies. Ensuring that horses and trainers have a healthy Environment around them. It is best done after the winter equestrian festival's are over for a good spring cleaning. And when most horses have left for the summer. we also work well around horses with faculties that have horses year round.

Barns and Stables benefit from power washing by Beav's Window CleaningClean your barn or stable

Because of the complicated interactions between pathogens, disinfectants, and surfaces, there are many variables to consider before disinfecting your barn.

"Non-porous, smooth surfaces are the most readily cleaned and disinfected."The more organic material such as dirt or manure that is present, the less effective your disinfectants are going to be.

The fact that many disinfectants are deactivated by organic matter explains why the cleansing step of the disinfecting process is so important. cleaning alone removes about 90% of bacteria, while a further 6-7% is removed by disinfection. In other words, spraying a dirty wall or floor with disinfectant won't be very effective at killing pathogens.

  Disinfect you stable or barnPressure washing is a great way to clean your barn

Spraying the stall with a 16% to 20% solution of bleach & Soap before disinfectant helps to remove biofilms that can protect bacteria from disinfectants
There are several types of cleaning agents on the market.

Typically the safest route you can take is to stick with something Phenol based.  These are generally accepted as safe, broad-spectrum disinfectants. They deal with common problems around the barn like the Rotavirus and Salmonella.
 The exteriors of barns or stables can be pressure washed, too.Floors get spotless when washed by Beav's

The iodophors, which are virucidal and bactericidal, are generally used for washing hands and cleaning equipment, not disinfecting equine facilities. Bleach, alcohols, and chlorhexidine are readily available and effective on most surfaces, but are quickly inactivated by organic matter. Because most equine pathogens are found in some type of organic matter—be it feces, urine, or nasal secretions—this renders such disinfectants useless in facilities where there is a significant amount of dirt or manure.

Sparkling stables with Bea'vs

Stalls with porous surfaces, including unfinished wood and dirt floors, cannot be completely disinfected

Unfortunately, the design of many barns is not conducive to thorough cleaning—most stalls are lined with porous raw wood and have sand, dirt, or compact clay floors. These types of floors cannot be sufficiently cleaned and are impossible to disinfect with commercial disinfectants. Though it’s impossible to make barn surfaces sterile (completely free of all bacteria and viruses), disinfecting can go a long way toward minimizing their numbers.

Once we have removed as much organic matter as possible and completely clean all surfaces  with a detergent and Pressure washing  them.


We rinse  from the top downward, making sure that all traces of the detergent are rinsed away. Then allow the surface to dry completely. Thorough drying ensures that the cleansing agent and water will not mix with the disinfectant and dilute it.

We Spray a soaking mist of disinfectant onto all surfaces and allow to air-dry.

 Beav's Window Cleaning starts by:
1. Removing  all bedding. (you can do this if you have stable help)
2. Removing  all removable objects, such as buckets and feeders.(you can do this if you have stable help)
3. Sweep cobwebs, dust, hay, etc., from the stall floor, walls, ledges and door.
4.Spraying  Walls, Floors and Mats with a 16% to 20% solution of bleach & Soap let soak
5. Wash Walls, Floors, Mats  and other solid surfaces using a pressure washer  
6. allow the surface to dry completely
7. Spray a soaking mist of disinfectant onto all surfaces and allow to air-dry

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

Barn being cleaned by Beav's 

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